Bolo Club History

Our grandparents moved to the farm on Little Crow Creek on September 27, 1927 from up in Sinking Cove. They had six children with our dad, Charlie Jr., being one of them.


Charlie Stubblefield Sr. was a very interesting man with a wide curiosity in just about anything that had to do with history, Indian artifacts, Civil War, fossils, oral history, religion and more.

Therefore, the small museum on the property next to the pavilion is dedicated to our grandfather.

Charlie Sr. and our grandmother served as Justices of the Peace for over 30 years. Further, our grandmother was the backbone of the family, and was a gracious lady with a special personality to handle the rigors of the day; we miss them both very much.

The area has many interesting stories and legacies of characters of yesterday and today.

Visiting The Bolo Club will be like stepping back in time to a slower pace where hopefully you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of the farm.

For more information about Sinking Cove and Little Crow Creek Valley you can view or download a booklet written by Austin P. Stubblefield.

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